Our Services

BCMS – Baja California Medical Services is an extension of the Daca Dreamers Assistance Project which provides independent training, mentoring, job placement and other professional services that may be required after arriving in Mexico.

Medical Services

We provide medical services for deportees Daca Dreamer students, women and LGBT community. Some come to Mexico sick, hurt or need examinations. Any job placement will require a certificate.

Asset Protection

We help Deportees - to Protect family and friends from losing everything by legally transferring bank accounts and set up Mexican corporations or Trusts to protect assets. We Provide medical services & job placement for graduates in the field of medicine.

Training Services

We get a lot of students with medical training or a degree in the medical field. We have supporters in Mexico that hire the students that have medical training.

SEO & Advertising

BCMS understands that some of the deportees have a challenge adjusting to Mexico. We can be stressful and scary for those who don't speak Spanish. We provide mental health mentoring as they adjust to their new environment.

Our Supporters

In Mexico we work with local hospitals and medical centers who support us in job placement. If a student doesn't have medical training we help them through other Daca Dreamer supporters with finding stable resources.


BCMS and the Daca project are based in Playas de Rosarito Baja California, Mexico we work in tandam with Daca Dreamers Assistance Project. both companies are registered in California and Mexico as 501(3)(c) Non Profit Corporations.

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