Dear Parents:

Baja California Medical Services (BCMS) has been approved by the Municipal Director of the Office of Immigrants in Tijuana, Baja Mexico, to secure the safety of your children when they get deported from the United States.
They will be met at the border by the Federal Police and brought to our office, where they will be able to stay in one of several houses in Rosarito, until they are safely in the hands of their parents or appointed members of their family or friends.
The purpose of this project is to make sure that the children will not become victims of prey by unscrupulous drug traffickers, sexual predators, and others looking for an opportunity to hold for ransom innocent victims.
This program will depend largely on your support for funding, and hopefully, supplemented by funds from the federal government.
Parents of each child will pay $100 per night for housing and meals. These funds will cover: Housing per night, 3 meals per day, Transportation, Emergency medical costs, and personal miscellaneous costs of the student.
There will be a doctor on-call, a psychologist, counselors, and a legal consultant. Any funds not used by the student, will be donated to the program to provide help for those students whose parents cannot afford to pay .  You may receive a tax benefit for your donation.
In order to provide absolute safety for your child, there will be rules and regulations that each child must adhere to.
We ask that you contact us as soon as possible prior to deportation for a CONFIDENTIAL INTERVIEW.

Please advise by e-mail: or