BCMS - Baja California Medical services

Who Is BCMS?

Baja California Medical Services (BCMS) is the Service Provider for Daca Dreamers Assistance Project. Our mission is to provide professional medical services, counseling and legal services to all deportees or those who voluntarily come to Mexico. Our focus is women and students who are being deported, and many who are members of the LGBT communities. Deportation in and of itself is a horrible experience, especially for those who have never been to Mexico. Most of them are inexperienced and may not know the language let alone the country. The effects of deportation are mentally and physically devastating to women and young adults; many will suffer from depression and will need to have professional help to make the adjustments. All entering into the DACA DREAMERS Project is required to have a physical examination and a mental assessment by qualified medical providers.

Baja California Medical Services

Many women and students, especially members of the LGBT community have heard of Human Traffickers and other dangers and need mentors and coaches to overcome their fears; the LGBT community understands the fears of becoming prime targets of sex traffickers and physical abuser. They desperately need our help! Why help, put yourself in their shoes, any person on the planet would feel unsafe when they lost everything they ever have known. They lost everything, housing, friends, family and even their children that were born in the US. Imagine you don’t know anyone, your instinct is asking you “where are we going to go” and who can we trust? All of these services are provided by BCMS to bring back their hope…

BCMS And Daca Dreamers

Some of these women and young adults are targeted by sex traffickers, become sex slaves, forced to work hard labor jobs and are threatened with violence and sex abuse. Most are young and have no family in their native country. They had jobs, had no criminal record; most of them were studying trade and were practicing their skills to take care of their families. Their pensions are gone and whatever assets they have saved for is lost i.e., their homes, their cars, their bank accounts and even their children. We encourage Mexican immigrants to come back to Mexico voluntarily and to contact BCMS or Daca Dreamers Assistance Project before they get deported so we can legally help save whatever assets they have accumulated in the US before they get deported. If they voluntarily come to Mexico they may be able to return to the US with Visas, and they will not become criminals with Felonies on their records for the rest of their lives. They will be able to get professional licenses to practice as doctors, attorneys, real estate agents, etc. If they get deported they will be Felons and all their studies will have been for nothing.